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About Hangerworld

Hangerworld is one of the world's leading suppliers of quality clothes care, storage and ironing supplies, we really care about the clothes you love.

In 2007 Jim Elliot and Jacqui Green needed to dispose of a large quantity of second hand clothes hangers. These hangers had accumulated from regular collections from local clothes retailers in and around Blackpool and were intended for use with Jacqui's ironing business. Jim already had experience in selling goods online and proposed that they attempt to sell the surplus hangers on eBay.

Jim Elliot & Jacqui Green

Jim Elliot & Jacqui Green

The first listings all sold quickly and the plan was to get rid of the hangers and make enough to pay for a meal out. Despite many folks doubt that anyone would buy coat hangers over the internet sales continued to grow to the point where all the second hand hangers had gone. Surprised by the success of the initial sales it was decided to start purchasing clothes hangers from manufacturers and wholesalers and Hangerworld was born.

Since then we have grown and grown moving several times to accommodate our growth but finally settling in our 60,000 square foot distribution unit. We now have a team of over 60 staff who support both individual customers and companies globally. With our massive stock holding of all styles of plastic, wooden and metal clothes hangers at our UK distribution centre we can supply your needs without delay.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, efficient customer service, cost effective pricing and huge variety of quality products.

Hangerworld products can also be found on our Amazon and eBay stores across Europe and the USA, plus on Priceminister and C-Discount in France.

It is a pleasure helping all of our customers around the world. Our friendly and hard working international team are ready to answer your enquires by phone or email if you ever need more help. We aim to deliver the most professional and helpful customer service in the industry.

As a responsible company we remain committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint wherever possible. We recycle much of our cardboard, paper, metal and plastic waste. All Hangerworld packing boxes are made from recycled cardboard.

We love hearing from you directly or on Facebook and Twitter. So if you have something to say, get in touch.

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