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February 2016

Keep your clothes immaculate while travelling

When transporting important garments such as wedding suits or wedding dresses, there is always a risk of them becoming creased or damaged. To ensure that your garments are kept in good condition while travelling, you may wish to opt for suit carriers. Suit carriers will help to keep your best suits free from dust, dirt and harsh weather conditions during travel, such as rain.

Suit carriers

Suit carriers are available in a number of styles and are not only ideal for suits but also for storing and transporting accessories. These handy covers are strong and versatile and enable you to keep your most important garments safe during travelling. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can easily find a carrier that suits your requirements.

Suit carriers are available as a bag to enable you to easily carry your suits around. In addition to suits, suit carrier bags can also be used to transport other items of clothing, such as trousers, jackets and shirts. Some suit carriers can be folded to make them suitable for use during travelling or full length to enable you to safely store your suits away when they are not in use.

Keep your suit looking fresh and cleanFor those wishing to transport longer garments such as dresses safely, dress bags or covers are the perfect solution. Dress bags and covers are fully breathable and versatile, making them suitable for travel or for storing garments away in the wardrobe. They are available in a variety of designs and colours and are easy to wipe clean, providing you with a product that offers plenty of convenience.

Dress covers

Wedding Dress covers are also available with hanger hooks and see through fronts, which makes them suitable for carrying garments around or for keeping your best garments on display. They will keep your best dresses protected during journeys and free from dust, dirt and months when you decide that you want to store your garments away long-term.

Suit carriers and dress bags and covers are also shower proof, which means that you can keep your best suits and dresses protected from the rain during travelling. Shower proof suit covers and dress bags and covers are also available with eyelets and loops, which means that you can easily hang your garments up or carry them folded up when you need to transport them anywhere.

By opting for suit carriers and dress bags, you can keep your most important garments looking better for longer. You no longer need to worry about your best suits and dresses becoming creased or damaged by dirt or rain during longer journeys and you can safely store them away once you have finished with them.