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February 2016

Have We Got The Perfect Hanger for You?

Do you ever despair at the lack of clothes hangers in your house?  A common theme for many people is a lack of good hangers. It can be a case of fighting to get the best hangers first in some households. Invariably there is always the odd hanger left that is no good for any item of clothing you ever owned but your aren’t quite sure what to do with it.

The “good” hangers as we will call them are the ones that are large enough to fit what you are trying to hang, that has a good shape to fit the lines of the item you are trying to hang. Then there’s the clip hanger or waist hangers to call them by their proper name. These are the hangers that are perfect for trousers but only if they are the right size and can be adjusted. Usually you can persuade the shop assistant to let you keep the hanger that your clothes were hanging on when they were purchased but more and more stores are keeping hold of their hangers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Some items of clothing can be tricky to hang. You open the wardrobe and that dress that you hung so beautifully is once again either hanging off one side or the hanger or crumpled up in a heap on the floor. What you need is a set of custom hangers that each do their own job and keep your clothes hanging neatly and in shape. Let’s have a look at the latest in clothes hanger innovation and what solutions are available.

Clothes Hangers in all shapes, sizes and materials

Wire HangersWire Metal Clothes Hangers

Perfect for not only hanging shirts and trousers but also if you ever need to unblock a sink or drain! A wire hanger can be found in many wardrobes and in some cases they will have been there for a long time. They come in notched and plain and are popular with many laundry companies and ironing services.

Wooden Clothes Hangers

Great for hanging shirts, jackets, trousers and suits, wooden clothes hangers are often found in hotel room wardrobes. In fact you may have noticed the posher the hotel, the posher the hanger and in some cases even branded.

Padded Hangers

A padded clothes hanger is the ideal solution for wedding dresses, occasion dresses or party dresses that are just too nice and soft to hang on wire, metal or wooden hangers. For delicate items that need a bit of extra care a padded hanger takes much better care of the item.

Plastic Hangers

Very popular especially in retail outlets and what you will find in many domestic wardrobes in greater numbers than most other hangers. They are used for hanging shirts, tops and trousers with thicker versions used for suit jackets and coats. Traditionally these are the hangers found in shops and the ones we do our best to barter with the store assistant to keep!

Flocked Hangersflocked clothes hanger

Flocked hangers are the perfect solution for that one item in your wardrobe that always slips off the hanger. These hangers are great for hanging slippy, lighter items that are stubbornly always ending up on the wardrobe floor.

Clips for Hangers

You don’t have to specifically buy clip hangers with these clips – you simply attach them on to your hangers and avoid the need for fighting over the last hanger in the wardrobe.

 Extra Large Hangersextra large clothes hangers

For some even the bigger hangers in the wardrobe aren’t sufficient and don’t give enough width to hang our items. Help is at hand with XL Hangers which are available in plastic and wood. As well as the traditional coat hangers there are trouser clip waist hangers that have more than one set of clips to allow for hanging wider trousers.

Family Hangers

If you have a family that is undoubtedly growing before your eyes you will regularly find that their new clothes don’t fit the old clothes hangers. Their growing clothes need bigger hangers as you battle to keep anything on the current hangers. With sizes to suit everyone in the house this no longer has to be a problem.

How to Avoid Bumps, Lines and Slippage

With traditional hangers, sometimes the problem of slippage, drooping, trouser lines and shoulder bumps occurs.plastic accessories hanger

New innovations mean that by using the right hanger, it is possible to avoid these problems. Choosing a hanger with padding covering the lock bar on men’s hangers avoids trouser lines and using a hanger with notches on will stop clothes sliding off.  Avoid shoulder bumps by using shaped hangers that are the right size.  Flocked Hangers can really stop slippery fabrics from ending up on the floor and needing ironing again.

These developed and improved hangers may cost more than traditional hangers but the clothes we hang on them invariably cost too much to replace often. Investment in good hangers will keep your clothes nicer for so much longer.

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