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February 2016

How to organise your wardrobe

How many times have you stood in front of your open wardrobe doors and stared hopelessly looking for something to wear? Or found a hidden gem of an outfit that you simple forgot you owned because it got lost somewhere in the depths of your closet?

Let’s face it, we have all been there - feeling like there must be an opening to Narnia in the back of the wardrobe that clothes often dip in and out of to evade our grasp! In reality though, there is no mystical fabric hideaway but instead a lack of proper wardrobe organisation keeping your favourite pieces from easy reach.

Keeping your clothing organised in your wardrobe and drawers not only keeps your favourite outfits within quick and easy reach, but it can also help to keep your clothing in the best condition too. At Hangerworld we care about the clothes you love and here we have put together some tips for clothes organisation so that you can keep your clothes and your wardrobe looking their best and in plain sight.

An outfit for every occasionshoes

It may seem like a simple idea, keeping similar items together in your wardrobe, but it is something that often falls by the wayside when you are putting your fifth load of washing away in the week. One tip to keep your wardrobe organised and tidy is to group your clothes together by occasion. Keep your casual clothes, work clothes and your “night out with the girls” outfits separately in your wardrobe. That way, when you need to get dressed in a hurry, you know exactly where to look for the particular outfit you need. Also, as we all know men are a little lost when it comes to clothing, your other half will also appreciate not having to rummage through your clothes to find his golfing jumper or favourite shirt.

Keeping bulky items together such as jumpers, cardigans, coats and jackets stored together in the same place will also prevent them crumpling other clothes with their size and heavy material. Having them all hanging in one place also keeps them in easy reach on those cold mornings when all you want to do is wrap up.

You can utilise more space in your wardrobe by using specially designed trouser hangers and then installing a few shelves in the space left underneath them. Or, since trousers don’t need as much room when hung, you can even install a second rail underneath them for more trousers or short items. This will not only give you more room in your wardrobe but help to keep clothes organised and in the same area. This also applies to scarves, ties and jewellery – there’s a hanger for everything these days, making clothes organisation easier than ever!

Clothes for the seasons

We all have a winter and a summer wardrobe - clothes that we only wear at certain times of the year. In order to keep your wardrobe organised and uncluttered, it is a good idea to store away the clothes you know you will not be wearing for a good few months. For example, you’re hardly likely to need those lovely knits in August are you? So take out all of the clothes you know you won’t be wearing any time soon and store them in sealed bags to protect them and store them out of the way. This will leave you plenty of room for the clothes that you will wear to be hung or be folded away in plenty of room. It will also give you the opportunity to see just what exactly you have in your wardrobe and discover any hidden gems or clothes you haven’t worn for a long time which may be more appreciated by someone else.

A good sort out never hurt anyone

Regularly going through your wardrobe and taking out the items that no longer fit, have seen better days or were perhaps bought on a whim and never worn will help keep your wardrobe organised and uncluttered. We all have a top or dress which we love the look of but secretly admit it no longer fits or just doesn’t suit us. Be firm and get rid of things you no longer wear so that you can see what you actually have in your wardrobe and that might free up a little extra room for that outfit you’ve been eyeing up in your favourite shop.

Don’t neglect the accessories

Small accessories such as scarves, ties, jewellery and shoes need their special place in the wardrobe so that they don’t get lost falling off dressers or in the back of drawers. Small accessory drawers can be installed in your wardrobe to keep all your smaller items in one place and easy to find. Shoe racks on runners can be installed on the bottom of your wardrobe to keep shoes in good condition and help them to keep their shape, or you even look at purchasing shoe hangers – these can hold up to ten pairs of shoes, leaving the bottom of your wardrobe free for drawers or other storage solutions.

As the saying goes, a tidy wardrobe equals a tidy mind. Well almost, but it certainly will help you to keep your sanity when the alarm doesn’t go off one dark morning and you’ve only 10 minutes to get ready!