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February 2016

How to care for your out of season clothes 20/03/2017

Living in the UK means we need two completely different ranges of clothes. We need our summer collection which includes shorts, skirts and flip flops and then a winter wardrobe made up of thick jumpers and coats and twice as much bulk as we need in summer. With temperatures varying from approximately 30+ degrees to -6 degrees the difference between our summer and winter wardrobes is vast! Some of us spend a lot of money on our shoes, coats, dresses etc. so it is important to ensure that our clothes care is good.

Making way for new clothes

Everyone knows that feeling – Christmas is coming and with it comes new clothes either in the form of the obligatory Christmas jumper or the new dress for the office party. Then there are the gifts from loved ones – jumpers, scarves etc. It is great but unfortunately leaves us with a storage problem. What can we do to alleviate the problem and make more space? Not all of us are blessed with a categorised, enormous walk in wardrobe or the storage space to keep dozens of pairs of shoes so the ideal solution is to store our clothes and shoes away when we aren’t using them.

Providing good clothes care

Shoving the seasonal clothes in a box or bag under the bed or up in the attic is just going to make them dusty, mouldy, unloved and mean they either need washing or are unwearable as soon as they come out again. How do we make sure our clothes are cared for even when not in use?

Vacuum Bags

There are plenty of solutions available which not only store your clothes but also reduce the space that they take up. Vacuum bags are a great solution that allow you to reduce the space that clothes need by removing the air from the bag. They can then be stored safely for as long as you need them to be. These bags not only reduce space by removing the air but they suck out of all the moist air then, because they are airtight, you can store them in the attic without worrying about the clothes getting damp.

Plastic boxes

Don’t be tempted to store any clothes or other material items in cardboard boxes. Not only can they get damp but the boxes can be chewed through! We will leave that to your imagination but leave a cardboard box full of clothes in an attic or garage and you are providing a warm cosy bed for small, furry creatures. Plastic boxes are ideal for storing clothes – make sure they are airtight though so that humidity cannot build up inside.

Moth repellentsCedar Pack Anti Moth

Moths love tightly packed clothes – they are an invitation for a moth to feast. Natural moth repellents are available in all sorts of shapes and packages from lavender sachets to essential oils. Just place them in with your clothes whether that be in a box, drawer, wardrobe or other storage place and alleviate the worry of your clothes being full of holes the next time you take them out to wear them.

What about shoe care?

It’s not such a problem with summer shoes. Flip flops fit nicely away and sandals can be stored relatively easily. It’s our winter boots that we need to really look after. Squashing your favourite pair of winter boots into a box with all your other shoes is just going to leave them out of shape and tired looking. There is a solution. Shoe trees which maintain the shape of your boot are a great storage solution for winter boots. They take up a little more space but it will ensure that next time you come to wear your boots they will still look as good as the previous winter.

Whatever you decide on when storing out of season clothes it is important to ensure they are going to be kept dry and airtight. If they aren’t stored in an airtight solution then make sure they aren’t packed or hung too tightly together – this will allow moths to move from garment to the next. Make sure these clothes have space to breathe and that you let them hang! If storing in an attic or loft ensure that you use vacuum bags or plastic sealed boxes. When it comes to the new season the only surprise you want is that which you get remembering all the clothes that you had forgotten about.