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February 2016

5 benefits of cedar wood

The Benefits of Cedar Wood Clothes Hangers

Cedar Wood is commonly used when storing garments and linens. European furniture manufacturers used cedar wood to make travelling trunks and bridal 'hope chests' to be sure that the items stored inside would be protected.

[caption id="attachment_17" align="alignright" width="300"]Example of a cedar wood clothes hanger Example of a cedar wood clothes hanger[/caption]

Cedar Wood -

  • protects against and repels insects and moths
  • is very strong and durable
  • can last a life time
  • absorbs bad odours
  • has a lovely aroma

Cedar Wood household products can last a lifetime as long as you gently sand them every few years, this maintenance re-releases the oils that keep them fragrant and is what repels the moths and insects. It is known that Alexander the great used cedar wood to build his fleet of naval ships simply because this particular wood was notorious for being strong and long lasting.

Our range of cedar wood hangers has recently been enhanced by the arrival of our new range of premium quality cedar wood clothes hangers for use with all types of clothing. These hangers are an all-in-one product, not only are they strong, durable, and made perfectly to hold the shape of your garments but they look great and protect your clothes whilst they’re hanging in your wardrobe. When we asked our customers what it is they look for when buying hangers they said… “A well-proportioned, strong and reliable hanger”, “Solidity and a shape that doesn’t misshape the garment” and “a multi-use hanger that can hold trouser, any dress and t-shirts." Each customer requirement can be met with either our cedar wood hangers, whilst adding an extra bonus of odour absorption as well as a moth and insect repellent.

Not everyone wants or can afford a wardrobe full of cedar wood clothes hangers. We also offer a wide selection of cedar blocks and shapes for use in wardrobes and drawers. These will aid in repelling insects and moths and absorb smells and moisture. The many various cedar wood products available allow for all garments to be protected against possible insect squatters and odours from those old trainers etc.