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February 2016

The right clothes hanger for the right job

It’s true; no two clothes hangers are made equal. You may think that simply hanging your clothes up on any hanger is enough to keep them looking their best but in reality, there is a specific hanger which is perfectly designed for certain items of clothing.

You may have noticed amongst your travels through many a shopping centre that different clothes sit on different clothes hangers when displayed in shops - this is because shops know how best to hang their clothes to keep them looking their best to appeal the most to you, the shopper. But with all the many different kinds of hangers available at Hangerworld, how are you to know the right clothes hanger for the right job? Well, unless we give you a complete run down….

Plastic and wooden hangersVarying hanger designs

Clothes hangers made from plastic and wood are usually the most commonly used types of hangers. You will find them everywhere from shops to laundrettes, ironing services to your wardrobe at home. Their popularity stems from their low cost and how little room they take up. Many people prefer to have simple metal or plastic hangers in their wardrobe as they simply do the job of keeping clothes hung neatly while not being bulky and taking up too much space. You can get plastic and metal clothes hangers with notches to hang clothing loops to help keep clothes in the hanger and many plastic and metal hangers also come with a trouser bar across the bottom making these types of hangers a cost effective, multi-purpose storage option. With metal and plastic hangers you also have the option of choosing brightly coloured and patterned designs; ideal for brightening up children’s wardrobes.

Wooden hangers

Wooden hangers are slightly wider than standard plastic or metal hangers and offer more support for your clothes, helping garments to stay on the hangers much more easily. Wooden hangers can also be infused with aromatic cedar which is a natural repellent for insects and moths, which may damage your garments. Wooden hangers are often made with wide arms and a contoured neck which makes them perfect hangers for suits, jackets and coats. With an attractive wishbone shape and bar for the hanging of trousers; wooden hangers add a stylish and simplistic yet functional addition to any wardrobe.

Flocked hangers

Flocked hangers are covered in non-slip velvet, which is ideal for use hanging silk or other light and delicate items. The use of this material prevents garments from slipping off the hangers when in your wardrobe as it grips the lighter material. Flocked hangers also come in different sizes for both adult’s clothing and children’s clothing and can also come with trouser bars and nooks for clothing loops. Flocked accessory hangers are also ideal for use in hanging delicate scarves or your husband’s ties so that they are neatly stored, easy to see and don’t end up crumpled in a pile on the floor.

Padded hangers

Padded clothing hangers are ideal for special garments such as tops, dresses, lingerie and bridal wear. These hangers are enveloped with soft satin or soft cotton cushioning which protects delicate garments from marks or creases from the hanger and add a luxurious and boutique feel to your wardrobe. With a choice of material covers and ornate buttons to secure straps, padded hangers from Hangerworld make for an up market feel for your wardrobe or even as a gift for special garments such as wedding dresses or a child’s christening outfit. Padded clothes hangers from Hangerworld can also come with gilded clips for hanging trousers or skirts so you can keep a favourite outfit combination together or hang a two-piece suit on the same hanger; saving you space in your wardrobe and time when you want to wear it and don’t want to waste time searching for the matching garment.

Specialist Hangers

Having run down the materials used to make the bulk of hangers, it’s time to take a look at other options we bet you didn’t know were available. Whilst many of you may have seen tie hangers on the market, there’s one specifically available for scarves – one of the best accessories for women these days due to their versatility. In addition to this, belt and shoe hangers specifically designed to keep these items in top notch condition are available, allowing you hang almost any accessory you have!

Every hanger has its day

Keeping your clothes always looking their best, and also avoiding having to re-iron them when they’ve fallen off the hanger, is a matter of storing them correctly when they are not being worn - or adorning the washing pile. Using the right hangers for different garments will keep them wrinkle free while in the wardrobe and also extend the life of your garment, especially delicate clothing such as silk dresses or blouses. At Hangerworld we care about the clothes you love and you’ll find a wide range or quality clothes hangers to suit any garment and accessory in our online store, allowing you to pick the