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February 2016

How to declutter your bedroom

We all wish we could be a little better at home organisation – in fact some of us probably wish we could be a lot better! It’s not so hard to organise areas like the living room as we tend to have a few ornaments and pictures carefully arranged. At worst you probably have a pile of CD’s in a corner that you wish you could disguise a bit better but on the whole it is probably the tidiest room in the house and the one that gets seen the most. As the greeting place for most visitors it is usually the room that gets the most attention when it comes to cleaning and tidying.

Other areas of the home that tend to be less organised are those that don’t get seen by visitors so much. These are mainly the bedrooms. Bedrooms can be a den of clutter and clothes with bottles of perfumes, lotions and potions adorning every surface. Popular areas for hiding clutter are in the wardrobe and, of course, under the bed. If home organisation isn’t your strong point you will probably have accessories such as scarves or ties hanging off various objects, an obligatory pile of clothes down the side of the bed and years’ worth of “stuff” shoe horned in to every spare bit of space.

Now is the time to organise your bedroom!

Let’s start at the beginning. First of all plan the time that you are going to tackle the big declutter. It may be a few hours on a Saturday morning or Sunday morning but if you plan it in you are more likely to do it.

Next prepare yourself. You are going to need the following

  • Bin liners for all the old clothes that you are going to give to charity
  • Bin liners for everything you are going to recycle
  • Plastic storage bags – the storage bags that you vacuum the air out of and then store away until needed next.
  • Storage boxes so that you stack things rather than shoving things in untidy piles
  • Handy solutions for hanging loose scarves, ties and other clothes that tend to have no permanent home
  • Dusters and cleaning cloths – yes along with all the junk comes dust!
  • The hoover and other household cleaning items. If you are going to do it then do it properly!

The time has come - turn off the notifications on your phone, put on the music and get started. If you are a hoarder this is going to be harder than you thought. That pair of shoes you bought ten years ago that you wore once and got terrible blisters from? It is time to find them a new home! Your local Facebook Buy, Sell or Swap site is a great place for getting rid of your unwanted goods whilst making a little bit of money. If you have things in good condition put them to one side and spend half an hour photographing them for sale.

If you can’t sell it give it away, sell it or recycle it!

If you find things that you haven’t seen for ten years ask yourself why you have them? It is very likely that, having forgotten all about them, you really don’t need them. Be ruthless and get rid! You don’t have to throw them away and we wouldn’t recommend you do. Many things can be recycled, given to charity shops or sold.

You will be surprised at how therapeutic this exercise is and as you make more and more space you will already be planning what new things you can buy. There are some great storage solutions that make home organisation much easier. You can buy storage solutions for shoes, hangers for scarves, vacuum bags for clothes that make much better use of space by removing the air and many more handy solutions.

Whilst you are in the process of de-cluttering you can take advantage of things being moved around to give the bedroom a good de-clutter. Move the bed and hoover underneath, dust the skirting and wash the bedding. If you have space under the bed you can get under bed storage boxes for putting things away neatly. Don’t cheat yourself either. If you are going to declutter you must include all of the drawers such as those in the bedside table and any other places that you have managed to accumulate piles of stuff over the years.

Finally, once it is clean, tidy and decluttered you will find you want to spend time in your new and improved bedroom. After a busy day cleaning and tidying you will also be worn out so treat yourself to an early night with your laptop or iPad for company, searching for what you are going to spend all the money you make from selling your items on!