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March 2016

Essential Clothes Care Tips

Storing your clothes away in a cluttered wardrobe or for long periods of time can result in them becoming damaged by dirt, dust and moths. Here are 5 great items that will help you keep your wardrobe looking tidy and your clothes at their best.

1. Clothes rail cover
Hangerworld offers clothes rail covers to help you keep your garments protected from dust, dirt and moths. These handy covers are suitable for a wide selection of clothes including shirts, jumpers and trousers and are particularly useful for market retailers or those wishing to showcase their items at car boot sales. They are simple to use and fit clothes rails up to six feet wide.

2. Cardboard shoulder guards
Cardboard shoulder guards are ideal for keeping your clothes protected and well –presented. They are suitable for coats, jackets, tops and jumpers and come with anti-slip notches for dresses with loops or straps. Easy to use, cardboard shoulder guards slip easily over wire metal coat hangers to provide a practical, high-quality hanger.

3. Cardboard trouser guards
Cardboard trouser guards are the perfect solution for keeping your ironed trousers neat and well-presented. Ideal for long-term storage or travelling, these useful trouser guards will provide a non-slip, high-quality hanger that keeps your trousers at their best and your wardrobe looking organised.

4. Shoulder guards
Shoulder guards are ideal for use with wire coat hangers and will help to keep your clothes neatly presented. They are suitable for all delicates and woollen garments and will help to keep your clothes firmly in place. The guard consists of soft foam, which is available in blue, green and yellow and is easy to fit onto a standard wire metal coat hanger. This useful hanger keeps your clothes looking organised without leaving any marks.

5. Moth repellent sachets
If you are planning to store your clothes away long-term, then you may wish to consider using a moth-repellent to help keep your garments well-protected and in good condition.

Moth repellent sachets will help to prevent your clothes from being damaged by moths. Available with eco-friendly packaging and offering protection for your clothes for up to six months, these handy sachets contain essential oils such as Lavender, peppermint, cedarwood and lemongrass. Other useful moth repellent products include hanging sachets, which are available in a variety of different scents and essential oil bottles, which can be used in diffusers.

These products not only contain oils that are natural insect repellents but also enable you to keep your clothes, wardrobe and the rest of your home smelling great. You can also add a refreshing scent to your clothes and wardrobe by opting for moth repellent coat hanger rings, which absorb odours and moisture and are designed to keep your clothes fresh for months.

To find out more check out our full clothes care product range