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March 2016

Clothes Hanger you didn't know existed!

Clothes hangers are often thought of as essential household items rather than interesting and attractive items that will liven up a wardrobe. However, there are now unique clothes hangers available that will not only compliment your outfits but also add something creative and stylish to your home.

Hangerworld offers a selection of clothes hangers that will not only help to keep your wardrobe organised but also provide you with a unique accessory. From tie rack hangers to accessory hangers, you can choose from a wide range of hangers that are sure to add something unique to your wardrobe.

[caption id="attachment_30" align="alignright" width="300"]Scarf Hanger Scarf Hanger[/caption] [caption id="attachment_31" align="alignright" width="300"]Tie Hangers & Four Tier Trouser Hangers Tie Hangers & Four Tier Trouser Hangers[/caption]

Wooden scarf hangers are an ideal choice for those looking for an unusual hanger for their wardrobe and also make an ideal gift. These premium beechwood hangers are ideal for scarves and ties as well as jewellery and belts. Each hanger comes with a chrome hook and 10 circular openings.

Wooden belt rack hangers are also a great choice for keeping your belts organised. Offering a smooth wood finish and 12 double pinned hooks, these unusual, high-quality hangers make an ideal gift and can also be used to store accessories and jewellery.

Another type of unusual hanger is the chrome accessory rack, which is ideal for storing belts, ties, scarves and a wide range of other accessories. Available with 10 hooks, these polished chrome hangers are durable and will help you to save space in your wardrobe. They can also be hung against a door or wall.

The velvet tie and scarf organiser is also ideal for those looking for something a little different. Non-slip and covered in velvet, this unique hanger not only helps to save space but also adds a little luxury to your wardrobe. The velvet organiser is can be used for scarves and ties and comes with a polished chrome hook.

You can also opt for a trouser bar hanger and hanging tie organiser pack, which includes a non slip, 4-tier trouser hanger and a mahogany or beechwood tie organiser, both of which offer a unique design and help to create extra space in the wardrobe. Versatile, practical and unique, the trouser bar and tie organiser pack makes an ideal gift.

The wooden tie hanger also offers a unique design and can hold up to 24 ties. This unusual hanger comes with hinged arms, enabling you to easily store your ties and keep your wardrobe neat and organised. Available with a beechwood finish, the wooden tie hanger is a high-quality, useful product that makes an ideal gift.

By selecting one of these unusual hangers, you can keep your wardrobe looking fresh, tidy and creative. These versatile hangers are sure to compliment your garments and provide you with plenty of extra space.