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April 2016

Spring Cleaning - have a blast!

Are you drowning in a sea of articles telling you how to make your kitchen sparkle, organise your children’s toys in the best possible space saving manner, or even how to stack your shoes by frequency of use? Well the Hangerworld team are here to rescue you by starting the spring cleaning series off by answering the question “how do I make it fun?”

Cleaning can be highly therapeutic for some and utterly and disastrously boring to others. So, let’s say you’re not one of the ‘we love to clean’ clan; you like your home to be neat, tidy and organised, but the actual physical implementation just doesn't do it for you – we’re here to help.

When you de-clutter your home you de-clutter your mind (or so they say) so don’t put it off! It needs doing, and if you do it now then you won’t have to do it later.

Get the kids involved.

If you have children (from the young and bouncy to the brooding teenager) get them to help out – you shouldn't have to do everything yourself. If you don’t have children (or if they've left home) then consider drafting in your partner, friends, or even a well-trained dog! (No, we’re serious, you can do it – watch this German Shepherd tidying).

But how do I get them interested?

Your kids, I presume? We know it can be tricky, and different approaches will work for different age groups and personalities. Universally speaking, everyone tends to respond well to rewards. A cinema trip perhaps? Movie night? Or a new video game or shopping trip for the older children.

Okay, they’re interested, now how do I make it fun?

Ah, now this is the really tricky part. Using rewards to get them to agree to do the cleaning is all well and good, but we all know that happy workers are productive workers so you need to keep your troops amused. The best way is to make a game of it! Hold ‘mop hockey’ contests (I'm sure dad will join in with the kids for this part), or set them small challenges, maybe integrate a dress-up or dance competition into the tasks to get them in the spirit.

And what about me?

It’s just as important for you to relax as it is for you to lead the miniature cleaning Army to victory on Mt. Sparkle. So, before you whip out the Mr. Muscle, or start arranging your dust cloths, prepare yourself. Open a few windows to let the fresh air in, light some scented candles to give your senses a head start, put on your relaxing music and get a good night’s sleep. Wake up nice and fresh, open the windows, round up the team, put on the music (it’s sometimes best to let them choose) and hop to it!