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April 2016

Unleash The Beast Campaign raises £180 for PDSA

To raise money for the PDSA, the Hangerworld team briefly morphed into a family of somewhat ‘mismatched’ animals yesterday (for our ‘Unleash The Beast’ event). Everyone gave generously and the final count was a respectable £180.


Well, because it’s National Pet Month, and as a nation of pet lovers who are dedicated to the happiness and welfare of our furry, fluffy and feathered friends, the Hangerworld team just couldn't resist!

We have a pet population of around 87 million (40% of households) in the UK and a lot of us depend on our pets for comfort, company and general well-being, so it’s important that we take care them of them properly.

That’s what pet month is all about, and that’s what we were fundraising for; the health, safety and welfare of the nation’s pets.

For example, weight and diet are still a fairly significant issue for the UK’s pet population; with over 5 million of our pets receiving treats such as cake, chips and cheese as part of their daily diet it’s no wonder we’re in the ‘grip of a pet obesity crisis’ (Source: PDSA PAW report).


National Pet Month 2016 is dedicated to “Promoting responsible pet ownership” – and has issued their ‘Top Ten Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership’.

  1. Think carefully before getting a pet and learn about its special requirements.
  2. Ensure your pet is sociable and well trained.
  3. Provide a nutritious and well balanced diet.
  4. Provide suitable housing and bedding.
  5. Clean up after your pet and worm t regularly.
  6. Protect against disease. See you Vet for advice.
  7. Prevent unwanted litters and neuter your pet when appropriate.
  8. Groom your pet regularly.
  9. Control your pet and ensure it is properly identified.
  10. Take out pet insurance for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses to cover against unexpected veterinary fees and third party liability.

Take good care of your pets, and they'll be there to take care of you for longer.