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April 2016

Spring Into Action with our new-look Website.

It’s been a few weeks now since the clocks went forward, and even longer since the Spring Equinox. The days have now become longer than the nights; allowing us to bask in the sunshine (or lack thereof), desist with any fanciful and eager anticipations of the glistening individuality of snowflakes coating our winter blues, and, of course, give our homes a good spring clean!

We may have gone a bit further than just giving the kitchen a good going over at the Hangerworld base camp this year; we’ve not just done the office, we’ve had a spring clean of our entire website, adding new and exciting features designed to ease the customer journey.

It’s cleaner, fresher and has a warmer feel to it that perfectly complements the dawn of warmer seasons and brighter attitudes. It’s not just the look of it we’ve cleaned up though, and it’s not all about warmth, there’s also a few cool new features.

  • Interactive Size Guide

This is a tool which has been specifically designed to make it easier to identify the perfect size hanger for you, or your family, by asking you simple questions (in stages), allowing you to find the best size for your two year old’s jacket, your husband’s work trousers or those summer dresses that are itching to enjoy the sunshine with you.

  • New Language and Currency Selector

Our new website can be used in several languages, including; English (default), German, French, Spanish and Italian and allows you checkout in British Sterling (pounds), Euros or American Dollars.

This spring also sees the integration of our blog, The Organiser, into our website – allowing you to easily source top tips, industry and company news as well as full information about special offers and new product lines.

We ‘sprang into action’ with a clean-up of our website, now it’s your turn to Spring into Action, lose those Winter blues and get organised. Look out for our upcoming series of articles on how to make your spring cleaning experience easier and more fun!

To celebrate our new website with us, use discount code Hang10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order (discount applied on top of existing offers) before the 9th May.

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