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May 2016

The Polka Dot Revolution

Are you polka mad? Can you feel the ever-tugging allure of all things polka when they catch your eye? Yeah, us too, but haven’t you ever wondered where polka dots came from? Why are they called polka dots and why do we like them so much?  Well we've been feverishly searching the polka archives to share the answers with you.

Minnie Mouse and her iconic polka dot outfit, Brian Hyland’s Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and the European polka dance craze. These, and many other polka phenomena, all contributed to the soaring ascension of polka popularity.


What are Polka dots?

Polka dots are characterised by being perfectly evenly-sized dots repeated in a perfectly spaced pattern. So each dot is the same size and every individual dot is the exact same distance away from each other. This is how polka dots are differentiated from the spot pattern which can be irregular in shape and pattern.

Who are they for?

The polka pattern is considered cheery, playful and often feminine and is widely seen adorning swimwear, lingerie and summer dresses, but why?

The conception of modern-day Polka occurred during the ‘polka craze’ in the 1800's, when it was considered fashionable to learn how to ‘polka’ (especially for women) and businesses everywhere were using the polka name like their life depended on it. Polka pudding, polka suspenders, polka hats. Polka dots were the only ones to survive. The pattern then went on to have a rich modern-day history in the fashion world, with designers such as Coco Chanel (in the 1920's) and Christian Dior (in the ‘50s) releasing polka dot masterpieces into mainstream fashion.

But they were around before that, right?

Yes, long before they were well known in fashion polka dots had interesting supernatural connotations to some cultures; conveying magic, potency and the triumph of a hunt. In fact, white dots are still used during male initiation rites in some parts of Africa, a traditional believed to outdate our own modern-day cultural creation.

Polka dots exist all over the world, throughout time and in all of our hearts (and probably our homes and wardrobes too!), so in honour of the fabulous, history-rich pattern, and to celebrate the polka enthusiasts out there, we've created our polka dot collection!


The polka dot collection includes our 60inch breathable covers, medium & large storage boxes and the 45cm maple wood hanger.