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July 2016

The Ingenious Foldable Hangers.

Foldable new

The sun on your face, the rain left back at home with all the bills, school runs and stress (which we’re sure you’re now batting away like a nuisance wasp in your face). Bliss, isn’t it? The summer holiday.

The kids are frantically googling waterparks nearby and checking what kind of Pokémon they can catch in the area, while you make your way to the hotel to start unpacking for your week of summer family fun – only to discover that the hotel haven’t supplied enough hangers! And you can forget about airing that dress you were going to wear to dinner thanks to the security hangers staring you back in the face.

Not to worry though, you bat this little stress-wasp away and whip out your Hangerworld foldable hangers from the suitcase (or even your handbag. Yep, they’ll fit) and get to it, making sure to hang your dress by the window.

The Hangerworld foldable hangers have an ingenious space saving design, allowing you to easily fit them just about anywhere. They’re not just for extra storage while on holiday though, they can be used in caravans, cars or even at work (for those of you who don’t happen to work in a Hanger company).

They’re non-slip too. Take a look at the grooves when it’s fully extended (into adult size), these keep your garments pretty firmly secured (we tested it with a cardigan, even swung it about a bit, and it remained firmly on the hanger and off the floor).

Oh, and did we mention yet that it’s both an adult and child’s hanger? No? Well now’s a good time to mention it then.

The hanger has three stages:

  • Folded – Approximately 8cm x 13cm (3.1” x 5.3”)
  • Partially extended (Child Size) – Approximately 26cm (10”)
  • Fully extended (Adult Size) – Approximately 40cm (16”)

Why you’ll love it

  • Its space-saving design that allows it to be easily transported.
  • It overcomes any “not enough hanger” issues, and any security hanger issues too.
  • It can be used for either child’s or adult’s garments.
  • It’s non-slip.