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September 2016

5 simple ways to get organised at uni

Are you off to uni? You're worrying about how you're going to fit in to that tiny room, right? So much stuff and so little space (not to mention what your new friends will think if you leave it a mess!). Don't worry, we've got the perfect tips and tricks to help you.

5 simple ways to get organised for uni. Prepare your wardrobe. Lay out tomorrow's clothes before bed and bank yourself a few extra minutes of precious, precious sleep. (Or just to make sure you're not late to any lectures, we wouldn't want that!)  Laundry Bag. Pretty essential if you don't want to be mixing up what's clean with what's dirty (not to mention what your friends would think of your dirty pants on the floor!) Print plenty of photos. Mum, dad, the dog and posters of your favourite movie stars - they'll all brighten up the room a bit and make it feel a bit more like home. Store Store Store!  You've arrived with tons of stuff and not enough room - so, you'll need some storage boxes! Bathroom stuff, excess books and out-of-season clothes all need somewhere to live! To-Do lists. Write a list for your shopping, write a list for your study assignments, write a list for the cleaning, go all out and write a list of all the lists you need! To-do lists are your friend now, they'll keep you focused, on task and get organised at uni