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September 2016

Off to Uni Student Essentials

Heading off to University for the first time can be daunting enough without having to worry about whether you’ve got everything to start your new and exciting academic year. So we’ve put together a handy University Kit of everything you’ll need to organise your clothes and laundry and keep your bedroom tidy!

It’s time for Off to Uni. Are you excited? Yes? Good, and so you should be, going to university is a significant life chapter and a big step to take. Moving out of the parent’s house and going off to fend for yourself is a mixture of excitement, nerves and dread, but it’s a recipe for something pretty awesome as long as you’re properly organised.

We want to help with that transition and give you all the things we can to help you be better organised, better prepared and better adapted for that trip, so we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve, just keep reading, we’ll tell you about them.

Mum? Dad? We bet you’re taking lots of photos, telling them all about how to budget, how to bake bread and how to cook something other than pot noodles? Trying to pack everything (plus the kitchen sink) into the car to make sure they have absolutely everything they need?
Well you can lose the kitchen sink, and some of the other stuff (they really won’t have the space) and take a look at our carefully constructed, Student Essentials Off to Uni Pack.

Off to Uni Student Essentials containsx1 strong blue breathable laundry sack ideal for storage or travel. x1 quality plastic indoor sock or underwear dryer with 20 frim grip strong pegs. x15 black plastic mid-sized clothes hangers for use with t-shirts, shirts, tops, skirts and dresses etc - 41cm approx. x5 black plastic clothes hangers with trouser and skirt adjustable clips - 34cm approx. x10 black plastic ingenious hanger hook connectors allowing several garments to be hung in a 'daisy chain' saving lots of space. x2 white plastic over-the-door plastic hooks which are great for hanging clothes up on hangers when ironing or drying clothes. x10 super strong black plastic grip clips with hook attachment. Brilliant for clothing, paperwork, towels, boots and many more items!
What’s in Off to Uni Student Essentials Pack?

Glad you asked.

There is:
15 Top Hangers because, well…you need to hang stuff up.
5 Clip Hangers for skirts and trousers (they’re also pretty good for holding up books when you’re studying)
10 Hanger Connectors so you can stack your hangers in a ‘daisy chain’ to save space and get more stuff in there.
1 Sock/Underwear Dryer because where else are you going to put them? Out the window?
2 Over-The-Door Hooks to hold the night’s outfit, the fluffy dressing gown you got for Christmas, towels or the ironing you’re totally going to do…in a minute.
1 Laundry Sack because it’s better in the sack than on the floor!
10 Clever Clips (with swivel hook) for holding up boots, notepads, bags, and an almost endless list of other innovative and creative uses.

It’s not just about the pack though (although it is a pretty good selection for under £20), throwing items at you at bargain prices won’t solve all your problems, will it? No. So we have also have a series of very helpful articles coming your way throughout the month, addressing all kinds of hurdles you’ll face and how to knock them down with the strength of ten men (metaphorically of course, we’re not teaching you how to punch things).

What to eat, how to budget, how to store your things, what to leave at home and how to organise your room (and your studies), we’re here to help!

Off to Uni Student Essentials, worth over £48 now only £19.95. Everything you need for your new year at Uni.