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September 2016

Overcoming the Hurdles Of Uni Life

The excitement. The nerves. The booze! Oh…the packing. University is a big deal. For the next few years you’ll be knee-deep in assignments, empty beer bottles and flash cards. But just getting there, overcoming the hurdles of uni life, and settling in can be a big adjustment in itself.

The Hurdles Of Uni Life;

The Space

Face it, you probably won’t have a lot of space to work with, especially if you’re in halls, so cramming all the stuff you need into that tiny rabbit-hutch-sized room will take all the Tetris skills you’ve got.

The Fix:

Assuming you’ve already whittled your belongings down to the essentials, storage boxes are a fantastic invention and are the perfect way to try and utilise the space you have.


The Maid

Simply put, there isn’t one. Mum and dad aren’t going to be there to cook dinner, wash your clothes, buy your socks or do the dusting – it’s on you now!

The Fix

What to eat can be an issue at uni, you’re on a low budget and you have little time in-between lectures and drinking so what do you do? Get a cookbook (if you aren’t already familiar with one or two recipes) that gives you simple, healthy recipes for a low cost. Oh, and buy a duster.


The Others

Whether you’re in halls or shared a house share, there will be other people there, you want to invite them in for a few drinks, maybe some revision? Better make sure the place isn’t a tip then! Good first impressions and all that.

The Fix

A few tips to make sure your room always looks ‘come-in-for-pre-drinks-ready’? Put the dirty clothes in the laundry bag, the clean clothes in the wardrobe or drawers, the paper in a neat pile, the books you’re not using in a storage box and use that duster you bought.


The Rules

Tying in nicely with ‘The Maid’ section, if you’re in halls of residence, there are probably some rules in your contract about keeping your room clean and tidy.

The Fix

 This is quite similar to “The Others” fix really, so if you’re already following the guidelines, you already know what to do! It also might be a good idea to throw out your rubbish as soon as you can, leaving old pizza and yoghurt pots to grow into a science experiment isn’t the best way to start your glittering scientific career.


The Work

It’s not all parties and pot noodles, there’s work to be done if you want that degree! You’ll have fun, but sleeping ‘til gone midday, missing all your morning lectures and taking illegible notes might not help your studies much.

The Fix

You are there to learn (it is what you’re paying for) so think about getting yourself a Dictaphone and ask permission to record the lectures you probably won’t be 100% for (make sure you check your uni’s recordings policy beforehand). You can make written notes from the recordings to help you retain the information, or you can use the Dictaphone to record yourself commenting on written notes you’ve taken – this might prove useful when an essay is due!