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September 2016

(Goodbye Summer) Hello Autumn


Shorter days, colder nights and those beautiful red and orange hues are upon us again.

Goodbye Summer, we’ll see you again next year (hopefully you’re in a better mood!). Its autumn’s time now.

All of a sudden there’s a chill in the air, the pumpkin-spiced lattes are out and the swimwear and shorts find their way back into the drawers.

Hello Autumn!

It’s already kind of been autumn since the 1st of September (meteorologically speaking) but astronomical autumn begins on the equinox (22nd September). Just in case you were interested, the equinox means "equal night" and it's where the day and night are of equal time (well, very nearly).

It can feel somewhat sad when summer leaves and you’re left sitting in a pile of freshly-fallen leaves feeling like a rejected partner, pining for the love of your life to come back. It’s not like that for everyone though, autumn can be a wonderful season despite the cold - for so many reasons.

The fire. The colours. The comfort.

Nothing beats sitting in front of the fire with your fluffy socks on, watching the crispy reds and oranges fall from the trees.

There is a little something else to think about though; those woollen jumpers that make you feel like you’re being hugged by a cloud do take up quite a lot of wardrobe space. So maybe it’s time to give summer a proper send of and store away the summer chiffon.

The change of season also means a change of wardrobe, so what do you do with the summer wardrobe? Store it, sell it, donate it, sort it or upcycle it – we’re here to help you through the seasonal (and wardrobe) transition!

Look out for our selection of summer storage solutions, perfect for keeping your summer clothes cosy and warm this Autumn.