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November 2016

Lint balls - the easy way to remove them

The soft, warm comfort of your jumpers is fast approaching with the colder season creeping in. You take them out of storage, fold them away and wait for a cold day, but when you put them on you notice those fluffy lint balls are back!

They’re just about everywhere; your jumpers, bed sheets, lounge pants, fleeces and even rugs. You don’t always notice them until it’s time to leave, or you’ve already set off. You need to get rid of them and you need to get rid of them quickly, but how?

Simple…shave them off.

We care for the jumpers you love (bobbly bits and all) so we’ve made this handy video demonstration to show you just how quick and easy it really is.

All you need is a cheap disposable razor and a lint roller. It’s a simple, quick and effective HackTrick that’ll leave your garments looking fresher and smarter, helping them to look their best so that you can look yours.

Pull the garment taut, shave and then roll. It’s a HackTrick!