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November 2016

6 Ideas for Christmas Table Dressing

So, you’re having the family over for Christmas this year? The mother-in-law, your sister and maybe an uncle? Well, in addition to all that food you’ll cook for them (take a look at our last article for some baking recipe ideas), there are a few other ways to make your house feel more like home for the whole family this Christmas. Dressing the table for Christmas can be fun for everyone. While you focus on the theme, and maybe the more intricate bits, the kids can have fun cutting out paper snowflakes or sprinkling fake snow over the table (if that’s your thing).

To help you out a bit, we’ve put our Hangerworld heads together and had a look around for some of the 6 best table dressing ideas this Christmas.

Go Woodsy

Woodys Christmas Table Dressing

This option is more on the rustic side and includes a centrepiece of mixed woodland pieces set in a deep, straight,edged bow, placed upon a raised wood slice. You can complement the centrepiece with scatterings of pine cones around the table, bundled with holly and cranberry vines. Keep the colours natural and the tone neutral and let the family enjoy a woodland-themed traditional Christmas setting.


The Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Christmas Table DressingKeep it clean, crisp and true to the Christmas tradition of snow this year. Even if no snow falls outdoors, you can still have an elegant, snowy setting for your table. Have the kids cut out paper snowflakes and print (or paint) names on plain, white baubles for the place settings.



img_1557The green and the reds and the golds; all the colours of Christmas. Bring your table setting to life with fanciful decorations of holly wreathes, cranberry runners and spray-painted pine cones.


Glitzy Glamour

Glizty Glamour Gold Chritmas Table DressingAdd some glamour and glitz to your Christmas dinner with those extra glitter baubles that wouldn’t fit on the Christmas tree. The candlelight will bounce off the glitter and create a fantastic, festive effect the whole family will be in awe of.


The Wood Box

gallery-1477962302-wallpapered-table-decorationYou can use a long, narrow wooden box to house holly, cranberries and greenery in the centre of the table. It creates a sensational focal point and allows you to take it easy on the rest of the table.


Present Dinner with Presents

54ff99db6039d-feminine-2-xlnMake up some mini presents to be scattered around the dining table by delicately wrapping a small box (or basically anything solid that’s a decent size) with decorative paper and tying with a thin ribbon.