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November 2016

How to Gift Wrap Like A Pro At Christmas, an easy guide

It took weeks of careful thought (or a few ‘subtle’ hints left around the house) and days of hunting (or a pre-circled photo in the catalogue left by the bed) to find, but you finally have it; the perfect present.

Christmas is all about giving, not just presents of course, it’s all about the giving of food and thanks and love, but yeah…it’s largely about the presents.

Like almost everything else, the perfect present should be presented in the best possible way, it’s wrapping should embody the treasure trove of wonder than lies beneath and it should sit there, sparkling and inciting curiosity from under the Christmas tree.

But, as you may be aware, wrapping presents isn’t all that easy, or at least some of us aren’t too good at it.

It’s somewhat of an art form, wrapping. It’s not just the actual wrapping though, getting a piece of colourful, shiny paper and taping it up is the easy part. How do you make it look spectacular? How do you make them feel like a queen, or king, when it’s presented to them?

Well, first of all let’s start with the basics


Gift Wrap and Ribbons


There are some top tips for the actual wrapping of the gift to make sure it doesn’t look like a hot mess.

  1. Use the right size bit of paper (it doesn’t look good when there’s an extra bit covering up holes). Measure the paper by rolling some out, placing the present in the centre and ensuring that the paper can cover the present in all directions before cutting. For extra piece of mind, you can measure the gift with a ribbon.
  1. Cut straight. Hacking at it like it’s done you a terrible wrong won’t exactly make it look neat and tidy - and fit for a king.
  1. The general method for most boxes is to go length ways, taping the paper together, and then fold the ends into two half triangles so they’re pointed in the middle, pull them up and tape to the box.

Now let’s get creative…


Gift Wrap and decoration


So it’s wrapped, it has the finest gold, silver, red, or patterned paper covering it, but now it’s time to make it ‘pop’.

  1. The dreaded ribbon. How do you tie the perfect ribbon? How do you score the perfect curl? If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even do a mix of the two - but simplicity is often just as classy as over indulgence, so we’d recommend choosing one or the other.
  1. Be unique. There are plenty of unique ways to decorate your present, from using Deer Silhouettes to getting Artsy With It, or even something that perfectly reflects you (or the recipient of the gift).

You can add pearls and beads to your extravagant gifts, adorn them in earthy colours and glitter-sprayed pine cones, or just simply inject them with a little of you.

No matter how you do it, bring the family closer together this Christmas with a collection of beautifully wrapped Christmas presents almost too beautiful to rip open.

And don’t worry if you’re not a wrapping pro, it is the thought that counts, so give it a go!