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November 2016

Christmas drinks to keep you warm this winter

Sat by the fire, with a twinkle of mischief on this cold winter’s eve, as you sneak to the kitchen to finish the mead. Okay, so you’re probably sat with a glass a mead, but it is something that has a tendency to remind us it exists around Christmas. There are, however, far more exciting Christmas drinks to be found and I’m sure you know the one we have planted firmly in our mind’s eye (and maybe in our hand).

Mulled Wine

mulled wine

Mulled wine is among the most traditional Christmas drinks which has been around as long as we can remember. It’s delicious, it’s a spicy(ish) red wine that’s served warm and it flies off the shelves at Christmas. What do you do if you get down to Sainsbury’s and there’s none left? You make your own.


Bring the family together with a fantastic home-made recipe this Christmas.

Mulled wine isn’t the only festive drink to look forward to though, can you name the other?



Egg Nog

 eggnog christmas drink

You might think you’re not an eggnog fan, but the ready-made supermarket versions have nothing on the home made iterations you can create in your very own kitchen. It’s a creamy, smooth and pleasant egg-based drink with a twist of rum or bourbon (virgin for the kids of course). All you need are some eggs, golden caster sugar, milk, cream, nutmeg and the booze!


No, really. It’s delicious. Try it for yourself.

Not everyone likes wine, or eggnog, but don’t worry, we’ve still got something we’re sure you’ll love.

Spiced Cider


It’ll warm you up for the winter nights and is best enjoyed by the fire with a film on. The winter spice we all know and love meets a touch of sweetness to counteract the bitter apple juice. All you need is some spiced rum, cloves, sugar, a pan and some star annise to make this simply irresistible winter warmer.


It’s Cocktail O’Clock

Christmas is a time be merry, merry with your family and kids and merry in the more adult sense, that wonderfully inebriated state somewhere between sober and falling over the Christmas tree.

The best way to enjoy that merry feeling has got to be with some fantastically colourful, and tasty, Christmas inspired cocktails.


Our favourite of the winter warmer cocktails has got to be…


Chocolate Tea - Jamaican style

hot chocolate

We all love a good hot chocolate, and we all know it’s best when it’s made from scratch, with cocoa powder (non of that instant stuff!). Well the classic hot chocolate, with a few extra ingredients, transforms into this delectable Jamaican chocolate tea. Simply add cinnamon sticks, some over-proofed white rum (or whatever you’ve got to hand), nutmeg and cream.