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December 2016

The Hangerworld Gift Guide for HIM

Christmas is just around the corner and we seriously have to start thinking about what to get our significant other, dad or brother. Finding the perfect gift for them can be as challenging as finding the perfect pair of jeans: nearly impossible. Days and weeks spent browsing the internet and every shop in town. And all of a sudden it's nearly Christmas Day and in a rush we buy a cute, but still a bit boring christmas-y jumper. So this year we have rounded up our Hangerworld Gift Guide for him, to save you from this procedure.

Everything is under £25 and we're sure, that you'll find the right present for the business man as well as for the travel bug or the fashion lover.

So here it is, the list of our best gift ideas for him this Christmas season!

Cedar Shoe Shine Box - £18.95

Gift Guide for him

Weather it's a Broegue, Chelsea Boot or Loafer, a great pair of shoes needs tending. Not only women, but also men know this! The fashion lover in your life will thank you for making shoe care just that much easier. This Shoe Shine Box stores keeps all of his shoe care products and also comes with a foot rest for easy cleaning and buffing.


Car Hanger - £7.95

Gift Guide for him

Looking neat is a must on business journeys. But if you are constantly travelling in your car, looking immaculate can be a real challenge. Therefore, this Car Hanger is the perfect gift the business man in your life. Not only will it help him to keep his car tidy, but also to keep his suits and jackets wrinkle free.

Business Suit Cover - £22.95

Gift Guide for him

Sometimes there is just no way to keep your suit, jacket or coat wrinkle-free in a suitcase. This is when this Suit Cover comes in handy. An easy to carry, waterproof cover is a best man's friend on a business trip or when travelling to a wedding.

Tie Hanger - £8.95

Gift Guide for him

Apart from a beautiful Lady in their arm, a chic tie is most men's favourite accessory. No matter if he's a fashion lover or business men, if he has a got a whole collection, you can be sure that he'll like this premium Tie Hanger. It is a great way to store them away safely and - thanks to foldable arms - to save space in his wardrobe.

Travel Bag - £6.95

Gift Guide for him

Packing your suitcase before travelling can be a real nightmare. Even more so, when you cannot find anything in your luggage when on the road. A Travel Bag is the end to all of these problems. You can organise your entire suitcase or backpack, separate clothes and you'll know at one glance what is packed in each bag. That makes it a space as well as a time saver!