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December 2016

What to do this Christmas weekend

It’s the season of joyous celebration and the Christmas weekend is getting ever nearer with each icy cold day - it’s Christmastime. It may seem like a world away but you can feel the excitement growing in the pit of your stomach, thinking about having the whole family round for dinner and drinks (even the ones you’re not particularly fond of) and bonding over games, drink and a turkey the size of your head.


It’s not all about food, and wine and egg nog though, there are plenty of other activities that are extremely enjoyable over the Christmas weekend and may even the take the edge off a bit.


Christmas Markets

Christmas weekend market

They’re in all the major cities and they are beautiful, from traditional German-style markets in Birmingham, Leeds and London to the French and Italian inspired stall and Victorian fayres all through the country. Find a treasure trove of wonder in the streets and stalls of your closest market this Christmas. A large majority of the Christmas markets run over Christmas, so they’ll be open on Christmas Eve and then again after Christmas Day.


Go For a Walk

Christmas weekend walk

It’s a well loved and treasured tradition in households across the country to take a long walk on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.


Go for a stunning walk in the countryside with the whole family, taking in nature and being thankful for love and unity you share on this day. Or take your partner, husband or wife for a stroll along the beach on the evening of Christmas eve (or Christmas day if you’re not too busy), watch the sun set together as the magical day of giving and togetherness comes to a close for another year.


Being at one with nature, even just walking down the river banks or the canal streams by sunrise and sunset can give you an amazing and relaxed air of resonance with the traditions and meaning of Christmas.


Just be Together

Christmas weekend be together

When you get home from your walk with the kids, the partner, or even the mother in law (everyone loves the countryside, even her), don’t forget to take of your winter boots, unravel your scarf, hang them safely on some Clever Clips and begin your evening of comfort.


Hot chocolate, a blanket and each other is all you’ll really need this Christmas weekend, so snuggle up together with some Christmas movie classics, and some for the kids of course, and revel in the peacefulness of family and unity.