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December 2016

Hangerworld Last minute Christmas Checklist

Get ready for Christmas with Hangerworld!

It’s a hectic business all this Christmas stuff, and we know that at the end of the day you just want to get through it, and you want it to be the most perfect Christmas for the whole family. So you need it to go off without a hitch then, and that’s where we come in. We’ve put our heads together and created the Hangerworld festivities Christmas checklist to get you through the holidays.


First thing’s first…



Christmas tree

Have you got the Christmas tree? It’s still safely tucked away in the loft? Good. If not, get yourself hunting for the perfect tree early before all the good one’s get snapped up, don’t leave it to the last minute or you’ll be left with the runt of the litter than no one wanted!


Now decorations, tinsel at the ready? Baubles all okay? Colour scheme decided? What about the kids?


Have the kids make some of the decorations for your tree, it’s fun for them and their work gets displayed for whole of Christmas time for years to come - adding that little of family straight to the tree.


Dressing up

what to wear on christmas day

Whether you’re invited to the family dinner on Christmas day or you’re staying at home for a comfy day on the couch, what you’re going to wear is essential.

Option 1: You’re going to this fancy Christmas party and the smart dressing code is mandatory. The only problem is you don’t have anything to wear. Don’t panic, there’s this cute black dress you almost forgot about in the back of your wardrobe. With the right accessories and some glitters, your outfit will look as Christmas-sy as ever!


Option 2: You’re having a relaxed weekend with the family, watching classic Christmas movies together in your favourite PJ’s and eating (too much) chocolate. We can’t help you for this, you know better than anyone what your comfiest clothes are. Just make sure to grab some door hooks for your precious onesie when you need to be at the door!



gingerbread cake

You’ve done this before, so you know what we’re going to say. Figure out what food you need, what you’ll be buying in and what you’ll be baking. Decide on recipes and tot up the ingredients you’ll need to stock up on and how much you’ll need to see you though.


There’s nothing worse than running out of flour to make the decadent chocolate cake everyone’s been looking forward to all year.




Probably more important than the food, Is the booze. Definitely make sure you’ve got some cooking sherry and wines (if you’ll be using them) and make sure you’re fully stocked on ingredients for your Christmas cocktails, beer, wine and whatever beverages float your Christmassy alcohol-fuelled boat. Oh, and plenty of hot chocolate for the kids of course.