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January 2017

How to clean out your wardrobe

New Year, New Me - at the beginning of a new year most of us make resolutions to help us ‘improve’ ourselves. This includes: Out with the old and in with the new, it’s time to make some space and clean out your wardrobe.

Doing this gives us a feeling of liberation and lightness. All the things you don’t need can be dumped! But cleaning out your wardrobe has even more advantages: it gives you a good overview over all the pieces of clothing you own, it creates room for new items, it gives you the opportunity to define and refine your personal style and you can find out which essential pieces are still missing.

Whilst all your clothes are flying around you, it’s important not to lose sight of the goal in mind, so we've gathered some useful tips that will l help you to navigate through the mine field of your wardrobe.

Plan and Prepare

Just like any major task, it's best if you set a date for it. Ask your friends if they are willing to help you - it's more fun and they will give you their honest opinion on whether you should toss an item.

Before you start, get a bucket of warm water, a cloth and three to four baskets, boxes or bags. You'll need them to divide the clothes that you are not going to keep into the following categories:

  • it's broken and needs to be thrown away
  • sell it
  • donate it
  • Attic Fodder: a bag with clothes for special occasions, like Halloween

How to decide which clothes to keep

Bit per bit work your way through each drawer, rack and shelf separately - this way you won't drown in chaos. Take everything out and clean the shelf or drawer with the hot water.

Everything that is not broken needs to be tried on. This might be a bit exhausting, but it's worth the effort and why not turn it into a fashion show à la Carrie Bradshaw?

So how do you decide which clothes to keep? Whilst trying everything on, you should ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Does the item still fit and do I feel comfortable in it?
  • Did I wear it within the past year?
  • Is it the only item of its kind that I own?
  • Can I combine it with other items in my wardrobe?
  • Does it still match my style?

If the answer to any of these questions is "No" you should part with the piece of clothing. Whether you'll donate it, sell it on Ebay or on the flea market, you'll make somebody else very happy.

If you still shy away from the task, just think about how much lighter and more free you will feel afterwards! As a reward you will never again stand in front of a crammed wardrobe without finding anything to wear, because now you know every item in your collection. And if you still cannot find the motivation, reward yourself with a few new and chic hangers to give your re-organised wardrobe a fresh look.