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January 2017

Guide to Washing Labels

Washing your clothes following the clothes care information on the label prolongs their life, keeps colours vibrant and their size in shape maintained. But how are you supposed to do so if the little symbols on the labels look like hieroglyphs to you? Don’t worry, we have decoded the foreign language of washing labels for you:

Washing Labels explained


Your day has too few hours to be spent reading the washing labels of each and every piece of clothing that you own. This is why we’ve took some of our time to put together a list of general rules that you should follow when it comes to washing, so you have more time to spend on the enjoyable things in life.

Separate your items by colour (and also temperature, if necessary). If you have designated laundry baskets for each colour, you don’t have to waste precious time separating your clothes before putting them in the machine. An additional laundry basket for special fabrics can help to keep them from being thrown into the washing machine with other clothes eliminating another cause of damage.

Dark Colours

  • Cold wash (30 – 40 degree)
  • Wash dark clothes inside out to keep them from fading
  • Dark towels or bedding should still be washed at 60 degree to thoroughly clean them


  • Warm wash (40 degree)
  • Items with prints should be washed inside out


  • Hot wash (60 degree)
  • Soak in vinegar or add Bleach to detergent to keep the colour bright


Some fabrics need extra care though.


  • Wash your jeans inside out to keep colour from fading
  • If it's not dirty, put denim into freezer to kill bacteria that cause odour


  • Such as silk and lingerie
  • Best wash in wash bags (or pillow case) on delicate programm
  • With modern machines it’s not necessary anymore to wash clothes by hand: hand wash programs probably are gentler than you could be


  • Use wool wash program with cold water (or delicate program if not available)
  • Woolen clothing doesn't need washing after every wear