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January 2017

3 simple steps to a more organised wardrobe

You have been through this a million times. Endless minutes spent staring at your un-organised wardrobe, wondering what you are going to wear that day, potentially trying on a few pieces that will end up on the bedroom floor. And it doesn't get easier as time goes by. The facts speak for themselves: you need a wardrobe clear-out. Not only will you be able to see more clearly what you already own, but it can also be hard to realise what are the clothes you actually don't wear unless you start having an in-depth look into the nooks of your wardrobe.

At Hangerworld we want to help you make your life more simple, solving daily struggles so they just become bitter memories. So we've come up with a 3 step hanger trick to get rid of the clothes you're not wearing. Try this over the next 3 months of winter and you'll be able to know what warm clothes you won't see again next year!

Step One

When hanging your clothes in your wardrobe, make sure the hooks on your hangers face the same way.

Step Two

After you’ve worn and washed an item, rehang it so the hook is facing the opposite way (only do this after the first time you wear it to avoid any confusion).

Step Three

After three months (or whenever you come to have a clear-out) remove all the items on hangers facing the original way (that you haven’t worn) and seriously consider whether or not you need to keep that item (you probably don’t).


Unsure about throwing an item away?

Here you are, with a couple of hangers that are facing the opposite way. The right thing to do would be to give them away, whether it is done through a charity (or to your girlfriend who had been dreaming about the little black dress you never wore). But something is telling you not to get rid of it just yet. By answering the questions we raised here, it will let you know what you really need to keep or toss away for good.

If you haven't been wearing certain clothes for more than 3 months, chances are you're probably not going to wear them anytime soon. Saying goodbye to your precious pieces of clothing can be hard to do, but being able to sort out your outfit of the day in a simple glance is worth it!