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April 2017

Fun Activities to do with kids during Easter Weekend

Finding fun activities to do with your kids is not always a piece of cake, especially when you want to make sure they’re entertained all weekend long. Crafts, baking, card making, there are plenty of things you can do to keep the kids entertained this Easter. Why not  use our three day plan by doing one of these activities a day? But first things first, what instantly spring to mind when we are thinking about  Easter? Chocolate, bunnies, eggs, baby chicks…

So let’s gather up all the things we need, get our gloves out of the drawers, prepare the table by laying a transparent cover over it and we are pretty much good to go!


Day 1: Bake some crispy nest cakes!

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than eating chocolate at Easter time. To spice this  up a little bit, try out one of the old favourites. This Easter recipe is simple to do and doesn’t require baking at all. Kids will enjoy eating these nests as much as making them!

To make 30 small nests, you only need:

  • 200g of milk chocolate
  • Cornflakes or Rice Crispies
  • Chocolate mini eggs

Then follow the instructions over here & enjoy what the crispness and crunchiness of your kids’ favourite breakfast and melted chocolate have to offer together.

yellow chick bonnet

Day 2: Create your chick Easter bonnet

The Easter bonnet has been part of the Easter tradition for as long as we can remember and it is the ideal activity to do with children. Inexpensive and cute-looking, you only need cardboard paper (54cm x 31cm) and the steps are fairly easy to follow.

Our favourite? The yellow chick obviously!


Day 3: Decorate your eggs

It’s a fact. Kids love getting their hands dirty. So paint is just the Holy Grail to them (this is when the protective cover comes in handy). For this type of craft,  all you need is paint (water or oil-based enamel paints or chalkboard paint), eggs and whichever material is needed to decorate your eggs.

Be careful though. If you’re using real eggs, make sure to hard-boil them beforehand, or if you want to avoid the trouble, just use wooden shaped eggs, they will really do the trick. Not only will these eggs resist shock and messy incidents on the kitchen floor, but they’re also very easy to paint on! Plus you’ll be able to keep those beautifully painted eggs forever as a trophy of this fun & successful activity.

  • Glitzy glam: get some glitters and jewels that you can easily stick with some glue. You can buy these really cheaply from most craft stores.

egg decoration glitter


  • Paint the egg white and attach a ribbon of your choice around it. Such a simple but classy design!

egg decoration ribbon


  • Who doesn’t like funny faces?

Funny Easter eggs with faces on green background


  • Protect yourself with an apron and some gloves and let your imagination do the rest!

wooden egg paint