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July 2017

Beccy's Summer Memories was a bit of a Nightmare

Beccy's Grand Canyon Nightmare

In 2013 we went on a family holiday to Las Vegas. We decided to go on a flight over The Grand Canyon in a light aircraft. Everyone was excited and we couldn't wait to see the sights. We all boarded and the plane set off promptly.

Everything seemed fine until we got high up in the air. We could feel every pocket of air and the plane was bouncing up and down all over the place. I started to feel really sick, other passengers sat in front of me were throwing up everywhere. The plane suddenly hit really bad turbulence and literally fell out of the sky. The alarms came on and the pilots seemed a bit panicky. I honestly thought we were all going to die, it was the worst and longest 45 minutes of my life!

I didn't see any of magnificent views of The Grand Canyon as I spent the whole flight concentrating on trying not to be sick. As I was the lightest in our group I was sat near the front of the plane. I couldn't look back to see if everyone else was alright. When we finally landed I was so happy and relieved to be back on solid ground. I couldn't walk properly for ages as my legs were like jelly from being absolutely petrified. It turned out that nearly all of us had had the same experience, it was only my dad that enjoyed it and got some fantastic photos. We all had such a laugh about it afterwards but it certainly wasn't funny at the time. It was an experience we will never forget!


We love Summer here at Hangerworld and that is why we want to encourage all our followers to share their most wonderful Summer Memories or their worst!  We'll even include a prize for our favourite one. Above is Beccy's entry when she had an Grand Canyon nightmare.

"Summer Memories"


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