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July 2017

Chloe's Exciting Summer Memories

Chloe's paragliding over the blue lagoon, Oludeniz, Turkey

Once we had gotten up the Turkish mountainside my heart was pounding and legs shaking, I was geared up into my harness and helmet. The wind had become totally unpredictable so we had to get back into the van and move to a different take off point. By this point I was convinced that it was a bad idea however my tandem instructor gave me a pep talk which turned me back around and when we arrived at our take off point I was ready!

We were geared up and ready to go simply waiting for the signal. My instructor turned to me and said "when I say go, run! Don't stop not even when we're in the air, we could come back down so keep those legs moving." I nodded but thought "God help me" as my knees were knocking together. Next thing he must have gotten the signal as he yelled "GO GO!" I closed my eyes and ran and kept running even though I could feel we were in the air. Then I heard "You can stop running now, look around you!" I opened my eyes and all the fear melted away.

Beautiful blue skies, stunning mountains of the Turkish riviera surrounding us. I looked down and gasped; I was greeted with the most amazing sparkling blue water staring up at me from miles below and somehow I felt so safe. I even accepted the offer to try out a few acrobatics, I screamed and laughed the feeling was simply exhilarating. Much to my dismay it was soon time to make our landing.

Although we nearly took out some poor unexpected passersby walking near the area with dozens of paragliders reaching the end of their experience. Once my feet had touched the ground I knew it would be a long time before I felt quite that much joy and accomplishment.


To celebrate the arrival of the summer holidays, we've organized a little competition... Let us know your favourite Summer memories or tell us about your nightmare vacation stories in writing, with a photo or both. Multiple prizes all together worth £100 to be won. Above is one of our entries from Chloe whose summer memory was exhilarating.

Tim's Top of the World - "Summer Memories"


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