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July 2017

Sammy's Icy Holiday Memory

Sammy's Ice Cold Rescue

My favourite holiday memory actually coincides with another persons holiday nightmare. This January I traveled to Iceland with my partner to explore the Golden Circle, swim in the blue lagoon and hopefully see the the northern lights.

Our trip was incredible, we experienced the extreme weather and incredible landscapes. In just a short few days I completely fell in love with Iceland. We had kept an eye on the forecast for the northern lights all week and it suggested that the last evening was the best chance we had, with pretty favourable weather conditions, and so we got our cold weather gear on, packed some food and warm drinks and headed out into the night towards the national park.

After a few hours of waiting in the cold I began to see the sky move and some colour change but nothing definite. We decided to head over to a car-park to get a better view point. In the distance my partner saw a torch flashing, very scary when you're out in the middle of nowhere at night.

We walked closer to check it out and came across a very wet and cold New Yorker who was extremely happy to see us. She'd listened to her satnav and drove into a frozen pond. The back and rear lights of her rented VW Golf just poking out of a freezing pool of water. We managed to help, by sharing hot drinks and food for a few hours until her tow truck arrived.

I had completely forgotten why we were even out in the middle of the night. We chatted about the best sites while waiting in the warm car. When the tow truck turned up we got out of the car to wave him up to the car park. At that point I noticed the ground seemed an odd colour and quickly looked up to see the most incredible sky I had ever seen. The aurora were really putting on a show. Had we not been there to rescue that women she may have not been found until morning, and by doing that we stayed around long enough to see the most beautiful phenomenon Earth has.


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