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July 2017

Elizabeth's Rainy Summer Memories

It couldn't get any worse, could it?

I arrived on the Isle of Wight with my two children and a borrowed tent, for my birthday treat. We arrived at the campsite full of trendy green and blue tents only to find that ours was a bright orange upright one. The children had a disagreement and said they weren't going to be within 2 metres of each other. The tent wasn't that big and it didn't have a groundsheet.

We decided to go to the beach, it had two sets of steps down to it, they decided to go and explore and they agreed to meet me back at the steps. You could see a blanket of black cloud approaching the beach very quickly, I was asking passers by if a boy and girl were still playing near the large rocks, they originally said yes and then no. The heavens then opened and my children hadn't come back to the steps that we'd originally gone down. I decided to go up the steps only to see them both peering out of the cafe window. I went in, didn't say a word, sat down dripping wet and ordered some food.

Not thinking it could get any worse, we went back to the tent only to find every insect in the site decided to take refuge in the tent as it didn't have any base. Though my children decided to make amends, my son slept in the outer zipped area and my daughter and I slept the other side of the divide. It then started to get really windy and then zip broke, so we tried to hold in together with pegs! The next day was spent drying the bedding as it was sodden.

We heard that the weather was going to be horrendous, loads of people were leaving, but we had to stick it out as I couldn't afford to pay the extra required. On our fifth and last day, the sun came out just in time to pack up and go home. What a holiday! What a birthday!

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