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July 2017

Paula's Summer Memories

Paula's Trip of doom

We booked a week away to a holiday park in North Wales. On arrival, we were all excited as the sun was shining which is rare in the UK. Once we had checked in, we headed to our room and the nightmare began. Bird poop all over the windows, the fridge was literally full of sour milk and behind the beds were black and mouldy.

We went to reception to complain which resulted in us being moved to another room which wasn't as bad.

The first few days were ok. The kids enjoyed the beach and all the other activities. Then on Wednesday night, a group of grown adults decided it would be great fun to have punch up at 1 am. The police were called and the whole park came out to have a look. It was an utter disgrace.

On Thursday morning we packed up and went home. When we got home, I felt so guilty the kids holidays were ruined. So we decided to book another holiday down south. Which when we arrived 2 weeks after booking was like 5*resort and the kids had a fantastic time and had forgotten about the horrible ordeal of previous holiday.

"Summer Memories"


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