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August 2017

The Ultimate Camping Check List:

  • Finding the right Tent for you:

When buying your tent, it is important to consider size, whether it’s double layer and does it come with a pitching set? Another thing to consider is weather conditions, because if you are planning on going camping in extreme weathers; then you will need to make sure that your tent is completely durable.

  • Space is limited:

Space can be an issue when it comes to camping, so the best way forward would be to invest in some travel storage bags to help keep your clothes compact. Plus it will be easier to carry around with you.

  • Security:

If you are planning on leaving any of your belonging in the tent while you go out and explore. Then you will need to invest into getting a proper padlock. Padlocks will help keep your items safe and your mind at ease.

  • Drying out

Camping can be quite wet and muddy. So one piece of advice is to take a sock/underwear dryer with you to help keep your items fresh. Plus dry clothes are always easier to pack.

  • Ready for Home:

When packing up to go home, it’s good to make sure your dirty laundry is separated from any of your clean items. Taking a clear polythene bag will be ideal for putting your dirty washing in.


Here at Hangerworld, we want to make your camping experience go as smoothly as possible. We have the items that you need. We have padlocks, travel storage bags and so much more, all available in our Travel section online.