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September 2017

The Girls Guide to Uni Rooms

Girls Guide

Most Student Halls tend to be very basic and plain. However, there are some cheap fixes that can improve the appearance of any room.

The Girls Guide - Shopping List:

  • Mongolian rug and fluffy pillows can make any interior feel cosier. [Average Cost £5-15] 
  • Fairy Lights add that warm touch to any student room. Instantly making it more homely. [Average Cost £5] 
  • Hangers are a necessity, so why not express your creative side and buy some bright pink hangers that are sturdy yet stylish. [Average Cost £6-£10] 
  • It’s all about the print outs at university – why not make a fancy collage which will also brighten up any dull walls within your student room.  [Average Cost £3-£6] 
  • Girls can never have too many shoes but storage can be an issue. Why not invest in these beautiful polka dot storage boxes now. Plus save room and buy more shoes.
     [Average Cost £15-£30]

We have a great 'Back to Uni' range with fantastic products and incredible prices.