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September 2017

The Guy's Guide to Uni Room's

Most Student Halls tend to be very basic and plain. However, here are some cheap fixes that can improve the appearance of any room.

The Guys Guide - Shopping List:

    • Time to be creative in your new student bedroom but don’t know what to add then why not treat yourself to a poster or two. HMV have a wide variety of posters with your favourite TV show cast or even your favourite band. [Average Cost £5-£10] 
    • Most student laundry rooms tend to be located on the other side of the building, so having a heavy duty bag will make transporting your laundry that much easier. [Average cost £8-£13] 
    • Drying can be a nightmare at university especially for your delicates, so you’ll need an underwear dryer. This 8 peg space saving dryer is practical yet affordable. [Average Cost £5-£10] 
    • Alarm clock because you know you’re going to need one, especially during fresher celebrations and 9 am lectures. [Average Cost £7-£15] 
    • Student halls tend to be a very relaxed space but it doesn't mean that crime doesn't happen. Protect yourself now by always making sure to lock your door or at least by locking up your valuables with a sturdy padlock.  [Average Cost £4-£6]

    We have a great 'Back to Uni' range with fantastic products and incredible prices.