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November 2017

 AW17 Trends

 Trends from around the world

Spain: Velvets

We have seen it in fashion, but it is also triumphant in the interior world. Velvets are taking over. Curtains, seats and cushions…Yes, please. Or you can always start small by adding little touches. We have some beautiful navy velvet hangers that would suit any wardrobe.


France: Nordic Escape

This trend combines Scandinavian accents with hints of bohemian. This trend really highlights the use of feathers as an interior essential. Whether it is on your walls or patterned on your cushion it is definitely a must-have favourite in France this AW17.

UK: Flame Scarlet

A big trend right now in the UK, is the colour red! It is a statement colour and would be perfect in your home or even in your wardrobe.  Embrace it now, we have red storage bags available which will fit perfectly with this theme. Be bold.


Italy: Greenery

It’s all about bringing the outdoors in. Adding some plants to your home will not only add to the décor but can also improve the quality of air that you breathe. I can understand why this trend is so popular, it’s very vibrant and can instantly enhance your mood and mind. We have a great range of lavender and lemongrass products which would be the perfect start to adding more greenery to your scenery.


Germany: Metallics:

Adding metal furnishings around your home is definitely in demand this season. Brass and copper are especially popular. Why not adopt this style into your home with some our golden wire hire hangers which are great for presenting your garments.


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