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January 2018

Organised Hacks for 2018


  • Clearing out – No need to wait until spring for your clean out, do it now and become more organised. Throw away all the junk that you seem to accumulate over the year, more space makes it easier to organise. Have a car boot and to make the items for sale look more impressive by cleaning them up with a lint roller and present your old clothes in a polythene cover.
  • Storage solutions – Ok, so throwing all your old stuff away probably won’t happen, so what could you do instead? Why not invest in some storage solutions to at least pack away all the stuff that you don’t use every day. We have a great range of storage options from frame boxes to hampers.
  • Meal Preps – This has become very popular over the last couple of years and why, because it is a great way to save time and prevents having them quick microwave meals that you always end up having after work. It’s also a good opportunity to practice all the recipes that you keep saving but don’t actually get chance to try out.
  • Organisation – This is where a label maker could become your best friend, create a space where everything you own has its own home. If you organised your paperwork in a filing cabinet, then make sure you label each section as this will save time when you are trying to find all your important documents. You can also organise your ties or scarfs by investing in an accessory hanger. There are magic hangers that allow you to fit more clothes in your wardrobe while still looking tidy and organised. Drawer organisers are a great invention that separates your draws into sections that you organise all your necessaries.
  • Redecorate - Everyone seems to fall into the New Year new my frame of mind but instead of changing yourself why not your home. Give your home a refresh in the New Year plus a new project will get you motivated and jump back into action.