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May 2018

Tyrone Power Seaside Story

Once in a lifetime

The reason I titled this story as 'once in a lifetime' is that I'll never be able to do it again in the same way. It was a number of years ago and actually involved Blackpool.

I had been visiting my partner in Southport during a weeks holiday from work; when she had received some bad news about a family member in Austria. She had to fly out that day but as I lived in Milton Keynes (180 miles away) and didn't have my passport on me, I stayed behind when she flew over. Thankfully, nothing serious had occurred and she was back in 2 days.

During the time she was away, I decided to take a walk up to Blackpool as I'd never been there. It took nearly 4 hours to get there walking, but it was well worth it as I got to go up the famous Blackpool Tower and saw all the lights once it started getting darker that night.

The whole day is a bit of a blur as I was swept up in the magic of this famous seaside resort. The photo's that I have chosen were my favourites from that day.


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