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May 2018

Anila Hussain Seaside Story

Childhood memories

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside. It brings back treasured childhood memories. The smell of the sea and fish and chips. The taste of sweet rocks and candy floss. “I will race you to the sea!’ I used to shout out before I ran like a hungry lion aiming for its prey.

I loved dipping my feet in the cold sea and jumping over the waves with my brother and sisters. Our youngest sister stayed close to Mum, using her spade to fill up her bucket with sand. She made weird and wonderful shapes and sizes.

I remember collecting all sorts of seashells, colourful, big, small, smooth and spiky and as soon as I saw something crawling out of it, I threw it back down in a flash with a scream!

The car used to be scattered with sand from our dirty feet and wet clothes. But what a wonderful family day out. Now I love taking our children to the beach. Nice to see them enjoy themselves just as much as we did too.

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