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May 2018

Helen Romanowska Seaside Story

Nip and Tuck

Myself and a couple of friends with their kids headed to Blackpool on a very warm day. We got stuck in traffic so we started handing out sweets around to other drivers to cheer them up. We met a group of lads who were jammed into a car.

They'd set off in two cars and one broke down. So we offered one of them a lift in our car when we got moving again. We waved them off and eventually headed for the beach. Who should we bump into but these lads again!

We had a laugh with them but noticed that one guy wasn't joining in and was looking pretty miserable. We asked why. 'Er he's got a problem, his zip is stuck' Not only was his zip stuck but a part of his anatomy was stuck in it! All they could do was laugh. My friend Jayne felt sorry for him so escorted him to the first aid post to find there was nobody there. So she got in a taxi with him and took him to hospital. She returned an hour or so later having left him there.

The poor lad turned up a couple of hours later looking very sheepish but mightily relieved!

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