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Adult Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are unquestionably the most commonly used hanger worldwide, mainly due to their affordability and practicality.

Just because plastic is a cheaper alternative to other materials does not mean that quality and appearance need to be compromised, over the years, design and usability have come a long way in our manufacturing of plastic hangers. We offer hundreds of varying styles, colours and sizes of plastic hangers, ensuring we can cover even the most demanding of your necessities.  

Whether you need a standard plastic top hanger for t-shirts, shirts and blouses, a heavier weight top hanger for jumpers, jackets and coats, a clip or waistband hanger for trousers and skirts, or a multi-purpose bar hanger that hangs almost anything including your suits; Hangerworld can facilitate your wants and needs whatever they may be. 

As well as our usual range we also offer a selection of speciality and accessory hangers, to organise and store those add on pieces that always seem to get misplaced. Whether it be lingerie hangers, shoe hangers, or something to hang your ties, belts, and scarves we have thought of almost everything.

So if you are searching for a functional hanger that will not break the bank, then look no further you have found them.

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