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Adult Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers are generally used for two main reasons; sophisticated appearance and superior clothes care.

Wood has a look and feel that ooze quality. Available in a variety of shades, styles and finishes we have something to suit everyone. Whether you want natural wood for a classic appearance, a mahogany finish for a luxurious appearance, or a black or white finish for a fresh, contemporary appearance, we can accommodate your needs.  

We stock a range of top hangers for t-shirts, shirts, blouses and dresses, an array of clip hangers for trousers and skirts, and a selection of specially formed top and bar hangers for jumpers, jackets, coats & suits.

Wooden hangers are often shaped to emulate the human body shape to allow for better garment protection; this could be a contoured neck, broad shoulders, bulbous ends, or wishbone design. These features are used not only to allow better presentation of your clothes, but also to provide support.

Providing the correct support can keep your clothes in their proper shape and eliminate unsightly shoulder bumps; in addition it reduces the stress put on seams and stitching, ultimately prolonging the lifetime of your garments.

So whether you are looking for that extra touch of class in your wardrobe, or you want a hanger that provides the best possible care for your garments; wood is the number one choice.

Why choose us? Here at Hangerworld we have been supplying wooden hangers to the public and to retail outlets, offices, hotels, and other businesses in the UK, across Europe and the rest of the World for several years. The combination of our large stock holding capabilities, strong global supplier relationships, super quick, flexible delivery options, and unbeatable customer service means that the highest quality products and value for money are always guaranteed.

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