Children's Flocked Hangers

Flocked hangers are a truly ingenious addition to the clothes hanger market. Their most notable design feature is their incredible ability to firmly grip clothes. The soft velvet coating holds garments in place better than any other non-slip designed hanger, meaning that when you are using these, you can be confident that you will not be picking up your garments off the wardrobe floor. They are best suited to delicate and lighter items such as shirts, blouses and dresses.

Their ultra-slim profile allows you to hang garments much closer together than other types of hangers, which minimises clutter and maximises your available clothes rail hanging space. In addition, some of our flocked hangers include a clever, integral, cascading hook feature, which enables you to link and hang several hangers in a vertical chain, effectively doubling or even tripling your wardrobe storage capacity. For our flocked hangers without the integral hook you can purchase flocked connectors which slip over the hanger hook to give you the same vertical hanging benefits.

We understand that you may have certain garments such as coats, jackets and jumpers, which need more support than that offered by slim flocked hangers, in this case you may wish to add some flocked shoulder protectors. These simply click on to any of our flocked top hangers to transform them into broad shoulder hangers.

If you love the benefits of flocked hangers, but want the versatility of a combination clip hanger, no worries! Check out our clever add-on clips and turn your flocked bar hangers in to an all-purpose clip hanger, ideal for trousers and skirts.

Why choose us? Hangerworld strives to offer quality products at great prices, coupled with our ability to provide a speedy delivery service and a no quibble returns policy we believe you will find an unrivalled level of service when you choose the Hangerworld brand. 

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