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Are you ready? For the parties, the glamour…the dirty laundry?
Well you might think you are, but what might be missing from that carefully constructed care package?
Because we want to make sure that all goes smoothly, and that the tiny room that’s about to become home stays as organised and tidy as possible (with very little effort), we put our Hangerworld heads together and created the Back to Uni range.

We put a lot of thought into the things that would make life easier for you (or the son/ daughter moving away from home for the first time). The clever clips to help you study (they’ll hold a pot noodle or two as well), the connectors so you can get more into that tiny wardrobe, the laundry bag so the dirty pants from three days ago aren’t strewn across the floor, as well as many other fantastically useful Back to Uni products.

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